Hi, thank you for visiting my blog! I’m Seolin and I’m from Seoul, South Korea. Here you will find a plethora of short stories and poems, genres ranging from fantasy to contemporary. To make your navigation a whole lot easier, here’s everything in one place, starting from short stories:

In a World Full of Magnets

“Some people were magnets, she supposed, in a world full of magnets.”

I Love You, Mom

“Before we know it, we’re both crying. Me because I don’t want her here, to take the good out of the equation. Her because she is delusional and wants something from me that she had lost for herself a long, long time ago.”

Blue, White, and Red

“The store was a shell of her grandmother’s existence. To close it would be removing her from her self-designed history book.”

Green Tea Lemonade

“He smiled. A pure, almost adolescent smile. When he did, he was a different Luke, a Luke that would never hurt a soul. A Luke before he was damaged and shattered into a hundred pieces.”

Three Jars of Kimchi

“The buildings towered over each other, effectively blocking the night sky. They were the exact same height and width, all of them, twelve floors and seven windows apart.”

The Red Candy

“She stood there on the front lawn, letter in one hand, deep in thought as her chocolate continued on its journey to disposal, long forgotten by its owner.”

For the Greater Good

“She had to do something. For Soba. For every single life about to be wasted.”

In Search of Hair

“The hair salon. What did a hair salon have? Hair. Hair that Asher did not have. She had an idea: a terrible one, but brilliant for sure.”

The Ghost Town Robbery

“She looked even less like a professional robber and more like a lost twelve-year-old.”

The Gifted

“But what if she could use it for the greater good? To help someone?”


“Eleanor King was quite the mechanic. A witch, as she called herself.”

I Came Looking for the Flowers

“It lifted itself ever so slightly, almost as if thrusting its imaginary arms in the air.”

I Don’t Want to Be in the Dark

“She wordlessly pointed at the speaker, which played ominously in the background, breaking through the atmosphere, which finally got the audience its owner yearned for.”

The Umbrella Story

“Both of them stand in the rain, one much more orange than the other, one in search of the other.”

It’s Always Too Late

“It was the name the mother shrieked out when she discovered her son lying on the cold asphalt. It was the name that her public defender mentioned more times than she liked. It also happened to be the result of her actions. A victim. A label.”


“We get to look at each other. It’s an unspoken rule, a schedule, a habit: almost a friendship. But not quite. We don’t even know each other’s names. A quick exchange of recognition and she’s no longer in my sight.”

… and a three-part series I wrote upon request, starting from:

Introvert, Extrovert

Extrovert, Extrovert

Introvert, Introvert

or even occasional poetry:


Sensory Overload

Social Anxiety

Mental Illness